Thursday, August 19, 2010

"They Don't Care!!!"

Oh the number of times that phrase left Joe Pow's mouth upon seeing our presentation for the first time... I can't believe that he was so cacophonous when choosing such harsh words to describe our pride and joy!! Slide after slide his reaction was that people just don't care about fancy screen shots of all of the hard work Helen and I did this summer. He even put up a challenge that we should present first tomorrow to see if we can actually explain all of content of our slides! but it's okay, I like our presentation and I'm pretty sure no one else will even understand any of our presentation so if people don't care then why change it? I'm pretty sure the only person who really cares about what I do up there, since both Joel and Christye won't be there, is my mother who knows absolutely nothing about science so I'd say that we're pretty good...

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