Monday, August 2, 2010


So it was bound to happen... Helen and I had pretty much the most torturous day that we could possibly imagine. For me I knew my day was doomed from the start as I awoke at 2:30 am to a bat flying around my ceiling and my untimeliness when it came to me getting ready. But now back to work... The first setback that we endured was that our precious Macbeth machine (whose real scientific name I do not know) failed to recognize a white sample, and so we could not compare any of our data to a standard. After that Helen and I found it fitting to treat ourselves to some Cheesecake Factory for lunch, but sadly this turned out to be more of a jinx than a relaxation technique. Upon returning back to campus it was time for Helen and I to experiment with our laser show which meant one thing: MATLAB!!The adorable Rodney showed us how to use the equipment but unfortunately none of what he showed us actually worked and had an impact on the lights. So what was Joel's bright idea to help us? Strand us ALONE in a dark cave with a giant computer screen until we figured out just what we were supposed to be doing. Things at first actually worked out well for two girls who aren't too tech savvy but things quickly went downhill. The lights started to change randomly to the point which we felt that we would have to resuscitate each other from seizures. We had finally figured out how to make 8 out of 9 lights turn to black to alleviate our crushing headaches after THREE hours, but we just could not figure out how to change that one last red light to black. We decided to give up but by then the affects of that one dastardly red light had already set in. It was as if the lights were spewing laughing gas, or something else which I will not mention, as Helen and I could not control our laughter and our vocabulary. Soon we had given up and just decided to take a nap and hoped by some chance the light would be gone by the time we woke up. Needless to say that did not happen and our eyes were so desperate to close due to staring at a single red light for what seemed like all of eternity. It took us a good twenty minutes just for Helen and I to walk back to 76 from the color building, which is normally a 7 minute walk. I am totally dreading actually trying to make this project work after going through what I went through today...

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