Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another Collect...

Is it sad that my whole blog today is dedicated to another intern group? Today was the most work I've done all summer, and it was especially hard because it was manual labor!! After attempting to do IDL yet again, Bob poked his head in the computer lab and told us there were some frantic remote sensing people begging for help, and trust me the man does not lie. Upon reaching the third floor we were automatically asked if we were the interns to help and we said yes. As soon as the s phoneme left our lips we were directed to helping across the street (which was really just the parking lot) As soon as we got there we were told to place bricks on tarps (the bricks Helen and I put down were soon moved by the people in charge) and then we were told to "go sit in the shade" while every one else was running around frantically setting up targets. And we did just that. Sat in the shade, threw grass at each other, looked for geese... When it was time to clean up all of the targets was when we really started to work. Folding up tarps and putting bricks in a wagon is much harder than it seems! We were out there for about four hours and I am 99% sure I got a nasty sunburn out of it (which for your information Helen does NOT turn into a tan) which I am sure will be painful and quite sad.

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