Friday, July 16, 2010


Well the first full week of work is over and I've finally got the hang of how things work around here. Today we meet with an exec of Kodak to talk about what our group and the visual perception group is doing here at RIT. Of course he asked us a lot of difficult questions but hopefully I made a good impression. We even showed the other intern group our precious fundus cameras and Christye even showed us one that uses infared lasers to construct a 3D image of an eye. Our experiment to test the flash of the Cannon and Topcon cameras is all ready to start on Monday for we were able to construct all of our targets out of our paint samples and get them in the fake retinas. Helen and I towards the end of the day even asked Joe if we could be able to borrow laptops from MCSL because we keep having to walk all the way from 18 to 76 just to use a computer and we might actually end up getting some!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for that while resting up on the weekend. I just pray to God that we will be able to actually get the cameras to work right on monday.

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