Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Today was such a beautiful day and thank god we got to go out and experience it. The day was taken up by a picnic the color science department put on in Genesee Valley Park. The ham sandwiches were pretty amazing, but were totally upstaged by the truffles that Helen made. It was a great opportunity to bond with all of the other people that work in MCSL even though most of them just spoke Chinese. I finally got the chance to meet Audrey's grandpa and I must admit that he was quite adorable. All the summer staple games were there; bachi ball, soccer etc. and was four hours of fun. After coming back indoors (yuck!) it was time for us to actually work on creating samples to stick in our model eye to photograph using the fundus cameras using paint samples and they actually turned out pretty well. We won't actually get to photograph them until monday which means that tomorrow Helen and I will be stuck making a bunch of samples using different colored paint. We also have to have lunch with a bunch of Joel's bosses which sounds pretty intimidating if you ask me...

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