Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Color Me Wild

Today was our oficial first day on the job in the color science department and Helen and I were ready to look at fake eyeballs and color swatches. First Joel thought it would be helpful to test us to see if we are colorblind and thankfully we both passed the test. It was called the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 hue test (seen above) and yes we had to put 85 dots of color in order of darkening hues. It's a lot harder than it looks as most of the colors looked exactly the same. During this daunting task we all got to know each other and I found out that I have a long lost Asian twin named Helen! It's totally uncanny how much we have in common (interviews, favorite tv shows, model un, and a certain love for yogen fruz and piece of cake icecream) so I have a feeling we can become a dynamic duo. Oh and we're also working with Audrey who already knows a ton about what we're going to be doing so I guess that would make us a dynamic trio. After lunch and a bite of icecream (which quickly melted in the 95 degree weather) we headed over to the Carlson building for our first taste of imaging retinas. We had to crop pictures of a sample retina taken with different cameras looking at different colors and determining the amount of blue, red, and green light in all of them. I was starting to get the hang of it until I realized that my mac did not have the necessary software to extract numerical data from the pictures (what is up with all of the technical difficulties with these macs?) and I found myself suffering yet again in the hands of a mac in the computer lab. It was an exhausting day but tomorrow sounds like an even more exhausting day since Joel told us that we will be attending "intern bootcamp" which, quite frankly, sounds kind of intimidating...

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