Friday, July 9, 2010

Bootcamp Day 2

Today were the final three hours of our perception bootcamp where we continued to talk about color and eye movements. The major topic for the day was about eye tracking. We discussed several movements of the eye and what the eye is more prone to look at. Apparently the eye is more immediately drawn to faces and to things with a lot of contrast. This is known partly due to different systems of eye tracking that we will be experimenting with later. I guess we'll be working with remote eye trackers as opposed to those that are attached to cameras and that you can wear. Thankfully we were provided with a pizza for all of our hard work staring at a screen for three hours. After this it was off to take pictures with the fundus cameras yet again this time using different colored eye paper instead of relaxed retinas. All in all we ended up taking 144 pictures all together on four different cameras. Later we will take the means of all the blue green and red concentrations of all the pictures to calibrate certain cameras. Hopefully the weekend will give us the chance to rest and we can come back on monday and do the same thing over again.

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