Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm a PC

As I sit here peering loningly at a luminous white computer screen, I've become enthralled by the preceeding events of today. (WARNING: I'm one of those people wo like to write for fun so I can guarantee the use of larger words. Sorry for any inconveniences) Anyway, I have never fabricated a blog before but if Perez Hilton encompasses the necessary skills to blogging success I would hope that I do too. As the temperature rose, so did my hopes for this job. The majority of the day was spent on an excursion around the RIT campus for a video scavenger hunt, which spawned both good and bad memories. The assignment started on a high note as my group was able to find a lot of the pictures even though it took a long time to find some. But that was okay for I had time to take in the scenery... and record me walking for four minutes straight. My group really had the chance to get to know each other, time which was spent arguing and making fun of each other which was probably more fun anyway. Our exhilaration quickly exasperated upon the devastating sight of rows and rows of macs. Sure there was an explanation video about imovie, but at its conclusion, we were all stuck staring at each other as if the directions had just been given in an ancient dead language. I must say no matter what that guy from all those commercial says, I am and will forever be a pc. Sure the volume made adorable noise upon clicking the button, but the rainbow wheel instead of an hour glass and those three traffic light buttons made me want to kill myself, or atleast someone in my group. I cannot imagine the amount of times that my group tried to edit and save our video but two hours came and went, our happiness fleeing with them. This assignment was supposed to be a "team building" exercise, but in the end everyone in our group just wanted to strangle each other and I felt really bad for the poor computer guy who I kept stalking to try to fix the computers. But in the end everything worked out and my enthusiasm on tape was fully conveyed to the other groups ( seen by exclamations of "August Center... yay" and "Delta rock... yay"). After that extravaganza it was time to venture off to the color building (Whose name is really the Ross building) to see where I would be working for the remainder of the summer. To my surprise, we were eagerly greeted by two ping pong players who I must say were pretty intense in the arena of table tennis. We really did not have anything to do for the remnant of the day except to see a flock of color wheels and to meet Joel who we will be working with. The day expired quickly and by the time the time clock read four o'clock it was time to leave. Thankfully there was plenty of time to go home and give heed to the Netherlands Uruguay. It was a sweet 3-2 victory for my fellow Dutch and was especially sweet since all the guys in my scavenger hunt group looked at my fandom for the Netherlands team with disgust (I'm referring to you Ory!!) This concludes my first day in the job as an intern in eye imaging and i can only hope that my subsequent days on the job are just as fun and exciting as today was... just without all the mac problems.

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