Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bootcamp Day 1

The word cannot even begin to describe how this day has felt. Bootcamp was just as strenuous as it sounds although the most physical aspect of it was staring at a giant screen for three hours learning about optics and rods and cones. I had no clue how much there is to know about the lens for it being just protein and enzymes. I cannot believe we have another day of this tomorrow for another three hours but hopefully we will just discuss color and optical illusions (fingers crossed). The Canadian guy who was in charge, who was ironically wearing a Scotland shirt and rooting for the Netherlands, told us that our group and the visual perception group will be switching and working together in the next coming weeks doing eye tracking which will be a good break from calibrating cameras. After a quick break for lunch, it was time to finally meet Professor Sisson to discuss what we will be doing in terms of a multidisciplinary project on the retina. She showed us this incredibly bright room filled with fundus cameras (picture above) which we will be using for the remainder of our time here. It's way more complex than an ordinary point and shoot camera as you must focus the camera twice very quickly so that your eye will not accommodate and adjust the picture. I'll be honest, the first time I ever used it I really sucked at it as it was basically a microscope glued on to a camera with a huge beam of light. But after a while I got the hang of it (of course after Professor Sisson left) and was able to create focused pictures of the retina and vessels in the eye. Chryste told us that the pictures would look like red eye, which I am good at, and the pictures we took looked pretty much like yellow grapes with red lines running through it. Apparently the pictures are used for diagnostic medicine to find traces of diabetes and glaucoma but since we aren't RNs we are stuck using a fake plastic eyeball who we loving called Mr. Jones. Now that we've used the cameras and had half of the bootcamp, tomorrow should not seem as long... hopefully

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